Reasons Why Drivers In The UK Have Started Using Dashboard Cameras


In the year 2014, a 3% increase in road deaths happened, approximately 25,000 were injured and a 1.7% of motor traffic rose as compared to the year 2013 – all of these happened in Great Britain alone. The statistics have spoken. Road accidents have drastically gone up, and motorists are finding ways to protect themselves and be able to do something when these types of things happen.

Because of the alarming statistics, drivers in the UK have resorted to investing on dashboard cameras for a number of reasons. Here are examples where dash cams can be helpful to you and your entire family.

Works As A Solid Proof Of Evidence After Being Involved In A Car Crash Or Accident

Sadly, many insurance companies won’t take your word for a claim if your car crashed – regardless if it hit a wall or another vehicle, especially if it’s not your fault. With dashboard cameras, everything is documented which serves as an excellent evidence proving that it’s not your fault.

With the right camera installed, you can easily file an insurance claim, as you have enough evidence to show which also tells the whole story of how the accident happened. Your chances, of getting that claim approved, are higher, given the fact that the mistake is not yours to blame.

Proof If Theft Or Vandalism Occurred While Car Is Parked

Whenever you park in public places, you don’t know what’s bound to happen. You can’t tell if someone will vandalize your car or there is no way of telling it unless you have an in car camera installed. Most often, these types of cameras have motion detectors which automatically turns the camera on to record any suspicious activity within a particular proximity around the car.

Reporting A Reckless Driver Or Activity

With a dash cam, you can easily report a reckless driver or someone who disobeys traffic rules. Sometimes, things happen quickly and getting their license plates is nearly impossible. With a dashboard camera, you can quickly capture and record these instances and get their license plates for reporting.

You have to remember that you also need a decent dash cam for this. You need to be able to capture everything in high definition quality to get the registration number, especially if it’s moving too fast for your eyes to catch.

Keeping An Eye On Your Child When He Or She Borrows Your Car

Have you ever wondered how your child drives whenever he or she borrows your car? One of the reasons why many parents like dashboard cameras is that it allows them to monitor their kids driving, and to document everything in case accidents and unfortunate incidents happen.

Just To Take Wonderful Sceneries

There are a lot of beautiful views in UK. Why not capture these moments when you go for a joy ride with your whole family? Most often, you can export these videos in HDMI so you can go back to them and reminisce whenever you wanted to.

Dashboard cameras can be considered as wonderful investments – not just for your own safety but for the safety of your family and everyone surrounding you. See and experience for yourself the benefits that in car cams can do to you.