What Is A Dashcam And What Is It Used For?


A dashcam is an ideal little tool comprised of a camera that is mounted on the dashboard. These camera’s are ideal for insurance purposes as well as parents of teen drivers and employers who have employees driving company vehicles.

These cameras give an ideal picture of what is going on inside of the car during driving and outside of the car. They can show if a person is goofing off and not paying attention to their driving or if there is another type of safety concern that needs to be addressed.

In the event of an accident these cameras can provide evidence to the authorities and the insurance company that can often show who is at fault in the accident.

Additionally, the camera can help to reduce insurance premiums by showing how safe of a driver a person is. It can show if the person habitually speeds or is easily distracted during their driving.

Parents of teens who are learning to drive will be especially appreciative of such devices. They can show if the teen is taking on other riders, following the family driving rules and following the speed limit and the rules of the road.

Some  dashcam cameras also come with a method whereby the driver can be monitored remotely from home or the office. With all of today’s modern technology many companies and parents are using these devices to help ease their minds that their employees and children are behaving behind the wheel.

These camera’s come with easy to use controls that are in high definition. With LCD displays many are able to capture not only video, but also still images that can be used when needed.

Whilst in some countries Dashcams are illegal there are also some countries like Russia where they are required by law.  It is NOT illegal to use a dashboard camera in the UK.  In fact a few years ago the town of Southampton tried to actually make it law for Taxis and Mini Cab driver’s to operate with them. Other towns followed suit but the area of privacy laws when carrying passengers forced everyone into a re-think.  This is somewhat now a grey area in terms of the law.

Wide angle lenses will capture the road and a microphone can offer the option of voice recording on what is going on inside of the vehicle.

When properly mounted and plugged in the camera will automatically start and stop with the car so there is no need to be concerned about starting and stopping the camera manually to capture what is going on.

When the driver brakes hard it can trigger the sensor within the unit and show if a collision was narrowly avoided or if the driver had a collision that has no evidence of damage.

Special memory chips in the units will save hours of recordings so that if there is ever any question of safety or driving impairment it can be reviewed for further detail.

In the event of an accident the camera can be removed from the dash and taken to the damage and pictures as well as video footage can also be recorded for future use. Dashcams have many great purposes and are the wave of the future. More and more cars are getting these camera’s today.

In fact all in car recorders are the perfect solution in these modern times.