Car Camera Discounts For Professionals

If you are a Driving Instructor, Taxi Driver, Professional Driver, Haulage Driver, Courier or have a fleet of vehicles a dashcam can help with a multitude of things to help your business and increase productivity.

Obviously it can be used for normal situations to act as vital evidence in the event of an accident, However it can be even more functional.

As a Driving Instructor imagine being able to send a copy of a pupils learning progress each week.  Well you can now with an in car camera. They can see where they went wrong and what they did correctly and prepare for the next lesson accordingly.  Just connect and save the media and send like an a normal attachment via email.

For Taxi Drivers, Chauffeurs and Professional drivers would you like to have the ability record abusive or threatening behaviour of your passengers? Yes this is legal contrary to what you have been told.  If your safety is threatened you are within your rights to record events. You cannot however record customers and breach their privacy rights that are not threatening, irrational or confrontational. You must also clearly display that recording is taking place strictly for the safety purposes of your passengers.

As an ex haulier myself I know how frustrating it was when my drivers went missing!  All those unscheduled stops and visits to their girlfriends left me seething!  (A Tacograph can only reveal so much!)  Well using a in car recording device will stop all of that!  Using a GPS function with your in car camera you can see live just where all of your fleet is exactly.  Not only that, you can also record there speed and put an end to unwanted fines and other associated penalties that could affect your operator’s licence.

As you can see some of the benefits are endless and we also offer discounted in car cameras for professionals.  Please feel free to contact us here:

Sample Image of GPS Tracking Option on a Professional Dashcam

GPS Truck Tracking