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Road Angel Halo In Car Dash Camera Recorder

Road Angel Halo In Car Dash Camera Recorder

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  • 1280p x 720p Front Facing Camera
  • 640p x 480p Rear Facing Camera
  • 150° Viewing Angles
  • 20 fps Front Facing Camera
  • 10 fps Rear Facing Camera
  • 8 Mbps Front Facing Camera
  • 2 Mbps Rear Facing Camera



Road Angel Halo In Car Dash Camera brings you a brand new, discreet accident camera device for your vehicle. The kit consists of both front and rear camera units to cover you for a larger number of scenarios than just one camera would provide you with, high resolution and real-time recordings, Road Angel Halo is ready to catch any accidents that may happen.

Optional sound recording and the ability to download your footage onto the computer means you can back-up your footage and return to it whenever you may need to. Both halo cameras have a viewing angle of 150°, with the resolution of the front camera at HD resolution of 1280p x 720p and the rear camera at 640p x 480p.

Halo Has Several Recording Modes:

Real time mode records any journey you make and simply saves the footage as you go. Event mode activates when an incident occurs during realtime recording and saves the footage separately. Manual mode allows you to create an event file by double clicking the end button during real time. Finally, parking mode activates when the vehicle ignition is switched off and any movement is detected, meaning if your vehicle is involved in an accident whilst unattended the footage can still be captured.


  • Forward and rear facing cameras
  • Real time, event, manual and parking modes
  • Built in GPS with Google maps
  • Built in G-force sensor
  • Voice and sound alerts
  • Optional sound recording with privacy button
  • 16GB Micro SD card & USB adaptor
  • Windscreen mount
  • Hardwire kit available separately
  • Unit reset function
  • 12 month warranty


1280p x 720p front facing camera
640p x 480p rear facing camera
150° viewing angles
20 fps front facing camera
10 fps rear facing camera
8 Mbps front facing camera
2 Mbps rear facing camera
AVI file format
Software for unit configuration & video playback

Why choose Road Angel Halo?

Provides both forward and rear facing camera to catch an accident at either angle
Downloadable footage to be viewed on the computer
HD camera resolution
Provides real time, event, manual and parking modes to cover an accident in almost any scenario
Mounts easily to your windscreen
Built in GPS with Google maps
Optional sound recording with privacy button
Sound recording allows for more reliable evidence in a claim

What’s in the box?

Front and rear cameras
Quick start guide
Cigarette socket power lead
Windscreen mount
Rear camera extension lead
16GB Micro SD card with USB adaptor
USB stick with PC software & user guide
10x adhesive wire clips