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We came across this article in a daily newspaper that made us think.  Could In Car Cameras and Dash Cams be made legal in the future to prevent fraud? Article below written by Daniel Jones who is a Consumer Editor for The Sun.Britain is the whiplash capital of the world as more and more crooks here ...
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Dashcam Features and Benefits
 All our cameras come with a wide angle lens.  The viewing perspective ranges from 120 to 178 depending of your choice of camera.A motion detector will activate when there is a close proximity of movement in the area of where the camera is situated.  This is ideal for situations where your ve ...
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In Car Camera Feature List
Car Cameras/Dashcams are now becoming more popular than ever.  Here we can see some crazy videos involving mad, bad and crazy drivers from around the world.  So now you can see first hand why an In Car camera has it's benefits. An In Car Camera Prevents You From Being Wrongly Accused In Road Acci ...
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S3000L 3.5 Inch Display in Car Camera
 The popularity of dash cameras in the UK has risen in the recent past. There are more and more people opting to install in car cameras for various reasons. The camera can help you as a driver in many ways. On main advantage of using the cameras is that you can capture everything leading ...
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Dashboard Car vehicle Camera Video Recorder
 If you’d go to YouTube, you may find a number of videos uploaded where an accident or car crash is caught on camera, or a lamp post falling on one of the vehicles causing some pedestrians to move out of the way. “How can someone be at the right place, at the perfect timing to shoot all of ...
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