Real Crazy Driving Videos Captured Live With a Dashcam

Car Cameras/Dashcams are now becoming more popular than ever.  Here we can see some crazy videos involving mad, bad and crazy drivers from around the world.  So now you can see first hand why an In Car camera has it’s benefits. An In Car Camera Prevents You From Being Wrongly Accused In Road Accidents.

Unfortunately, there had been a number of vehicular accidents in the UK where innocent drivers are being falsely accused of something that wasn’t their fault. Most insurance companies won’t take a driver’s word especially when it comes to car crashes or anything of similar nature, unless you can provide a solid proof that it wasn’t your fault.

These series of events cost many innocent drivers money, considering that their insurance providers won’t approve of their claim. There had been a recently reported incident in England where a driver lost his car due to legal issues, and I couldn’t just imagine his frustration after the incident.

The good thing is; we can always do something to prevent these things from happening to us. The solution is widely known in the UK, and many drivers consider an in car camera is simply sent from above.

Insurance companies have always found ways to help prevent these bogus insurance claims, but sadly, not everyone gets the chance to have their claim approved, even if the accident wasn’t genuinely their fault. Unless you have a witness to attest that you’re innocent, it’s difficult to prove otherwise. What if you’re driving alone? What if nobody was there to give out their statement? Are you left out with no choice but have your insurance claim flagged as bogus?

Technology made its own way of helping drivers, and this is through an in-car camera, also known as dash cam or dashboard camera. These are cameras specifically made for drivers to help them record everything while they’re on the road. The majority of these cameras provide videos in high definition which can help you and your insurance provider see everything that happened (in case accidents occur) so you can file and successfully get your insurance claim.

With all these incidents recorded, you will no longer be wrongly accused again as these videos prove as a reliable evidence of what actually happened. You don’t need a witness or someone else to attest on your behalf to get your claim approved.

In simple terms – it’s like a CCTV – the only difference is, it is installed on your car’s dashboard. Some additional features may also include motion sensors where the camera would start recording whenever motion is detected within a particular proximity if your car is parked. This is an ideal way of catching thieves or other forms of crime in case you’re parked in a public place.

It has also been found out that most student drivers in the UK have found these cameras to be helpful considering that they can use it and see their driving skills afterwards. It has been proven to be an excellent and effective way to learn how to drive properly, and many driving schools have started installing dashboard cameras on their cars.

An average decent in car camera costs around 150 pounds sterling – but may generally depend on the camera quality and its other features. Read reviews and make a few comparisons prior to buying to make sure you’ll make the most out of your investment.