Independent In Car Camera Reviews Buyers Guide


The popularity of dash cameras in the UK has risen in the recent past. There are more and more people opting to install in car cameras for various reasons. The camera can help you as a driver in many ways. On main advantage of using the cameras is that you can capture everything leading to an accident and use it as evidence for your insurance claim. Using the clip will give you a better chance of winning a case.

Buying an in car camera can be very hard because there are many available in the market. Most people don’t know the difference between the various dash cameras available. There are many instances where people read the in camera reviews online and buy them without knowing the specification of the gadget. There are some capabilities that can be found in one camera and cannot be found in the other.

There are many things to consider before buying an in car camera. The following are some of the things to look for in a dash camera. Below is the In Car Camera Reviews buyers guide to help you when buying a camera.


The worst thing is having the In Camera stick out of the windshield. The best option is a smaller camera. Having many features in a small camera comes with a higher price tag. The color of the camera should not draw too much attention. Black is the best color to use.

Video Resolution

There are many dash cameras that have very low resolution, and have a lower price tag. This will not provide clear clips. The longer the distance, the more blurred the image. Make sure the camera supports at least 720p resolution commonly referred to as HD. However, the latest standard is the 1080p resolution and higher. This is also known as Full HD. Some Full HD Cameras are available at prices even lower than £100.

Night Video Quality

This is the one thing that separates the great In camera models from the average. Most of the cameras can capture clear footage during daytime, but recording at night is a big advantage. This feature is not a must since the headlights provide the light, but for better quality footage, it’s exactly what you need.

Loop Recording

This is an absolute must in every in car camera. This is the ability of the camera to continue recording the footage even when there is no more disk space. The camera will automatically start overwriting the oldest files enabling it to record indefinitely. There is an option of marking the parts of the footage that you don’t need. If the camera has a G-sensor that automatically saves the footage whenever an impact is detected.

Auto on/off

This means the camera turns on when the ignition key is inserted. This will help make sure you capture all the relevant footage when driving. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are in a situation where something happens and then realize you didn’t turn on the camera.

The above In Car Camera Reviews buyers guide will help you choose the best camera for your car.