specialises in dashboard and in car cameras for both individuals and professional motorists who are looking to protect their well-earned no claims bonuses. An accident camera in their vehicle can record live events and can be used as vital evidence in the event of people make false claims and allegations against you.

There has been a significant rise in claims of this nature in the UK over the years and it is time to put a stop this. It is time to fight back! False claims and ‘Engineered accidents’ have cost the insurance companies millions of pounds in unfair pay outs and as a result drivers insurance premiums have risen dramatically through no fault of their own. (The insurance companies are not going to take the loss so it is effectively passed onto you the legally law abiding citizen that pays for insurance and has no choice in doing so!)

Having an accident camera in your vehicle is a sure fire way of protecting yourself. A Dashcam can be an inexpensive way to negate this type of claim. Imagine if you had an accident and at the point of impact using the G Sensor Feature on your camera it is all recorded! Goodbye false claim! Also many insurance companies are offering a discount on premiums now if you have a car camera installed in your vehicle.

OK let’s have a light hearted moment here!  This is Just TOO FUNNY! ;>)

Dashcams also have many other uses. If you leave your car parked in a car park or street that is unattended it can capture any vandalism or theft to your vehicle. How many times have you left your vehicle for example in a supermarket car park and returned to see a scuff or even worse a dent that you have to explain to your spouse or partner that wasn’t there before with no means of re-dress? Painful domestic arguments ensue that again were not your fault!

A dashcam can also help other motorists. Let’s say there is an accident and you have a car camera. You have irrevocable evidence to support the innocent party so the making out a witness statement is negated entirely! Just show the video or submit it to the insurance company and you’re done!

Do you children ever borrow your car? Now you don’t have to be sitting in the passenger seat to see if they are reckless or not. Just playback the recording and the next time they think about ‘Racing off the lights’ or ‘Speeding’ then play it back to them. It will make them think twice and it will also protect your loved ones from possible reckless driving in the future that could result in unnecessary injuries or even worse fatalities.

If you are a driving professional then an on-board car camera is a must. Whether, you own one vehicle or a hundred. Some options include GPS tracking and speed logging. GPS tracking lets you know precisely where your vehicles are minute by minute and speed logging will save you a fortune on unnecessary fines and ultimately protect your operator’s licence.

It is not just fleets that can benefit though. Our founding partner is a 25 years plus advanced driving instructor veteran. Driving instructors are ideally suited for the use of in car cameras. That said even if you are a cyclist or a motor cyclist we also have you covered here.

Our aim is to be a ‘One Stop Shop’ for everyone who is on the road and needs a recording facility to prove their innocence and or show the facts should the circumstances arise.

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